Jubille Pavilion               

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The fairs and exhibition branch of tourism in Israel has been undergoing an accelerated growth, parallel to the awakening. and development of this sector throughout the world.

The rise in the standard of living, the information explosion and the fact that tourism has become an important economic factor have made thi's branch a matter of considerable national importance and around the world dozens of centers are being built as a public investment.

The Administration. of the Israel Trade Fair and Convention Center -has decided to upgrade the present center at the Exhibition Grounds 'in Tel Aviv to the level of exsting models in various developed countries. This will enable Israel's fairs and exhibition branch to develop and become a significant factor in thi's branch of international tourism.

In 1998, Israel will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The central events of the planned national celebration's are scheduled to take place at the Exhibition Grounds. Inauguration of the Jubilee Pavilion i's scheduled to take place on the 50th Independence Day of the State of Israel.

The new Trade Fair and Convention Center will include:

a center for fairs and exhibitions
a convention center
a trade center (together with exhibition halls, offices for participants, etc.)
a hotel
an entertainment center

The new Center will constitute the central part of the complex. It will be linked to the outdoor exhibition area, thus exploiting the advantages of the Israeli climate and preserving the green character of the existing center.

The Center will maintain a close urban connection with Rokach Blvd. and with Ganei Yehoshua Park, located south of it.

Organizing the exhibition area will provide extensive flexibility, enabling major and local exhibitions to take place at the same time.

By building the complex in stages, maximum construction can be implemented without disturbing the existing center's functions and while keeping all options open for development.

This brochure presents the various elements of the project following the completion of all planning aspects.

We hope that the new Center will realize its aims and attract employment, industry, commerce and business opportunities that will enhance the State of Israel.

Picture of The New Buildind in Day Light.

Picture of The New Buildind in The Night.

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